Fishing party

   The community of Phnom Tob Cheang selected two good fishing spots. Depending on your moods, you can choose to fish in a little river or a lake. Half a day can be spent on each spot or a full day for both places. They are easy access by Bicycles or Motorbikes and trekking . Ask the community members to have the map of the fishing spots. if you are novice, a guide can join you and provided you material. Possibility of preparing and eating with the community members the fishes for dinner.


1-Lake, this place is a lake located at 2.7 km from the Visitor Center. It is easy access thanks to a good track and only 200 meters in a little track.


2-River, it is located at 6.5 km from the Visitor Center and easy access thanks to a good track.Novice or expert? It doesn’t matter, enjoy fishing in a peaceful environment.